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I was busy masturbating in the whore pooja naked sex story in call girl nainital, no pussy was found. Then an pooja came to stay in the neighbourhood. I fucked her for the first time.

Friends, hello. I, your friend Simple Boy (name changed), welcome you to my first sex story.

No part of this whore pooja naked sex story is imaginary except the name and place and the entire story is based on a true incident.

I am presenting to you in the form of a sex story the words of the person with whom this incident happened.

Friends, my name is Amit (name changed).

My complexion is dark, height is 5 feet 5 inches. Has a slim body.

I am a resident of a village in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

The nearest town to my village is Khurja which falls in Bulandshahr district.

At that time I was 19 years old and I was studying in college.

I was very fond of using the phone since childhood but due to being from a middle class family, I never got a good phone.

Some friends had big phones, they used to watch blue films.

When I watched a blue film on mobile for the first time, I felt like watching it the whole day.

I used to enjoy watching all this on my friends’ mobile phones.

But what used to happen was that after some time my friends would go away with their phones and I would start feeling as if I had been cheated on my erect penis.

This used to happen once in 10-12 days.

Those friends of mine were much senior than me.

When I used to watch secretly, they too did not say anything.

Apart from me, other students also watched but I stood silently and watched.

Sometimes, when I made eye contact with a senior, I would look away and start looking again.

In this way, excitement started increasing inside me too.

But he was not able to do much and did not even understand properly how and what was done.

Similarly, time passed in college.

It was after a year. Till that time, I did not know what masturbation was.

After watching the blue film, I understood that it is necessary to have a pussy for the penis.

Then one day many boys were sitting on a thick branch of a tree.

I also climbed up.

One of the boys was the eldest. He took out his penis and said – Look, let me teach you one thing.

Saying this he started masturbating.

We all were looking at him. His penis was thick and exposed because it was circumcised.

Then he asked everyone to do this and everyone started doing it.

I also started having fun.

Within no time his semen came out but mine did not.

One asked him – Hey, what has happened?

He said- This is fun, it is called fun. When the penis gets hot by shaking it with hands, then the semen comes out.

Everyone tried but everyone failed because there was no enthusiasm within everyone.

Then I came home and slept.

In the evening I started trying to masturbate on the ceiling.

Nothing happened on the first day because there was fear on the open terrace and because of that fear there was no excitement in the penis.

But with continuous efforts, within a few days I learned to masturbate and semen also started coming out from my penis.

When I ejaculated for the first time, I enjoyed it so much that I became addicted to it.

One day my cousin caught me masturbating on the terrace.

But I turned the topic around and said that I was itching below, that is why I was scratching. You are feeling wrong from behind.

At that time my face was opposite to his, so the matter was resolved and I was saved from being beaten.

This continued and it had been two years since I started masturbating.

Till now I have masturbated with the names of many girls also.

In between, while using 2G internet on a phone with a small keypad, he would masturbate while watching a blue film.

At that time, one had to download the blue film in the mobile in advance, only then one could watch it.

Time passed like this and I became crazy in search of pussy.

Friends, at the same time I came to know about sex stories site Antarvasna and I started reading sex stories.

Soon I became very fond of reading sex stories, which is still one of my main interests.

Similarly, one day a thought came to my mind whether sex stories were true or not.

I used to think like this while wanking my penis and in the end, when the penis became hard, in the last moments, believing the sex story to be true, I used to ejaculate on the heroine, feeling myself erect.

Then some more time passed and a big phone came to my house.

If I could get a chance to see that, I would secretly start watching blue films.

Then one day fate struck.

An pooja had come to live in the neighborhood of our house.

He had three children.

Her husband used to go to work in the morning and come back in the evening.

Pooja must have been around 35 years old.

I had heard a lot about her that she has affairs with many men, that is why she keeps changing houses.

I could not believe these things because they were not very beautiful.

One day I reached his house while wandering like this.

Well, I never went to his house and had no special dealings with him.

I saw them and said hello.

So she suddenly said – Hello, come.

I was shocked that she was calling me inside.

I gathered courage and walked inside.

People used to say that she belonged to another religion but she did not live like them.

Meaning, I had never seen her in burqa etc.

When I went to her house, I saw that her children were also inside.

Seeing me coming, they all started going out as if they had been taught this thing.

But one of his children started insisting on asking for money.

She was scolding him.

Then I jokingly said – children

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